Pet Insurance

Bringing your pet into the family can be one of the most rewarding things you do. Thanks to the advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living healthier and longer lives. Responsible pet ownership does come at a cost. You must be prepared to pay for quality food, routine exams, vaccinations, and preventative medications. In addition, you must be prepared for unexpected illness and accidents. When the cost of veterinary care exceeds that which you have budgeted, owners are forced to make difficult decisions. In order to prevent a compromised quality of life, death or decision to euthanize due to financial constraints, consider pet insurance.

At the Animal Hospital of Nashua, our preferred pet insurance program is Trupanion. Unlike other pet insurance plans, Trupanion offers one simple plan with 90% coverage for the un-budgeted and unexpected. We ave seen this insurance plan drastically reduce the heartbreaking scenarios when clients cannot afford the care their pets need. Our hospital offers TrupanionExpress, a program that allows us to determine whether a Trupanion insured pet is covered within 15 minutes! For more information about Trupanion Pet Insurance, visit or call 855-591-3100.

Prime Protection Programs

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